Parents' Club

Thank you to the following parents for joining the 2017/2018 Parent's Club!  

Please consider joining Parent's Club this year!

Platinum Level 
Eli & Shelley Borovinsky 
Sharon Rudnick & Arden Olson

Gold Level 
Jessica & Joel Birch
Mike Eisengart & Gayle Blatt
Jeffrey & Marian Sosnick
Deon & Liz Stein

Silver Level 
Susanne Marx & Steve Dorinson
Michael & Lesley Griffel
Gary & Mara Lieberman
Adina Merenlender & Kerry Heise
Tali & David Mackay
Simon Madorsky
Sheryl & Jeff Murawsky
Barry & Deborah Snyder
Dan Cohen & Vivan Wildmann

Bronze Level
Debbie & Jerry Abeles
Kara & Eliot Alfi
Bob & Grace Altman
Wendy & Gary Asarch
Judith Barrall
Leslie & Peter Beard
Susan Brenner
Mark & Bev Brutzkus
Alla Gershberg & Dale Boutiette 
Howard & Julie Cahn
Susan & Michael Chait
Seth & Bonnie Chasin
Len & Sheri Chodosh
Ida & Jeff Clair
Alan & Elizabeth Cohen
Hannah & Bob Cordes
Allison & Steve Eisendrath
Susan & Jeff Engler
Fariba Matinfar & Albert Eshtiaghpour
Elise Fellman
Dan & Cynthia Feig
Leslie & Mark Freed
Janine Gershon & Jordan Friedberg
Rani & Gary Gealer
Ellen Gillette
Rabbi George & Laura Gittleman
Michael & Deborah Green
Todd & Randi Goldman
Sheri & Dan Gordon
Nanci & Ken Goussak
Melinda Berlant Gurman
 John Hanover &
        Mary Nakae Wells
Vicki & Brian Hart
Steven & Charlotte Hollander
Melisa & Marc Imberman
Saundra Israel
Karen & Mitch Katz
Jerry & Karen Katzeff
Anatole Klebanow & Susan Weil
Johnny & Evette Knight
Carla & Philippe Kopf
Elizabeth & Dennis Lazoroff
Cheryl & Steve Leff
Kathy Lenkov
Cherie Lewis
Jennifer & Stuart Lewis
Alan & Dena Mann
Marla Markman
Ilana & Mark Medow
Suzy & Mark Monasch
Robert & Sandra Morgan
Norm & Cherie Nelson
Marc & Karen Ovetz
Monica & Craig Pincus
Laila & Shaye Remba
Helen Rifkind
Barry & Karen Rosenblum
Grigoriy & Yelena Rozenfeld
William & Tricia Ruby
Rafaela Sacks
NIck Rieser & Riki Saltzman
Marc & Mindy Schlossberg
Jeff & Jeri Lyn Sebert
Ingrid Siegman
Andrea Silverman
Beth Silverman
Lawrence & Patricia Singer
Judy & John Stock
Robert & Cynthia Taub
Tami & Robert Travis


Lisa & Peter Adamczyk
Kim Albert
Marc Albert
Laurie Berman
Susan & David Berniker
Lisa & Jedd Bogage
Sherri Brown
Lisa Claybaugh
Amy Cohen
Wendy & Brian Connolly
Teresa & Thomas Coughlin
Elisa Dembsky
Debbie Devine
Brant & Nina Dveirin 
Marlene Findling
Mindi & Doug Frankel
Laurie Gale
Linda & Peter Gardner
Rachel Fischer & Richard Gladson
Nancy Berger-Granet
Craig & Francine Granet
Ann Haning
David & Stefany Harband
Julie Pittler & Greg Hoskins
Adi & Bat-Sheva Hoter
Larry & Catherine Kasper
Judy Thalheimer & Brian Kirshner
Debby & Mark Lieber
Mark & Michelle Light
Janice Newmark
Tom Davies & Deborah Orman
Sarah Thompson & Fredrik Rapaport
Wendy & David Robinow
Ellen Shapiro
Michael & Jacqueline Souza Eliana Temkin & Alan Sprints
Arthur Steinhorn & Karin Isaacson
Marc Teitelbaum & Guinaura Soares
Yuri & Ilana Vulfson
David & Beth Wahba
Denise Weyl
Richard & Rabbi Laura Winer

Join Now

The Oregon Hillel Foundation serves over 2,000 Jewish students at the University of Oregon and Oregon State University that together create a vibrant, diverse, warm, and welcoming Jewish student community.  Oregon Hillel is dedicated to meeting and engaging Jewish students on campus through a variety of opportunities designed to help them explore and understand Judaism in a personal and meaningful way.  

Hillel’s mission is to enrich the lives of all students so that they may enrich the Jewish community and the world, and to serve as our student’s Jewish home away from home.  We achieve our mission by empowering student leaders, engaging students in order to understand what areas of Judaism and Israel they would like to explore, facilitating deep and meaningful conversations and programs that cultivate each individual student’s Jewish identity on their own terms, and developing friendships that will last a lifetime.    

While you may be aware of how Hillel directly impacts your child, what you may not be aware of are the critical roles that Hillel plays on both of our campuses as a leader in Israel advocacy and education, interfaith dialog and education, combatting and responding to Anti-Semitism, and providing resources to key university administrators to ensure Jewish students are able to observe holidays and attend events that fall during the academic calendar.  Having a well funded and staffed Hillel is critical on today’s college campuses because there is no other Jewish organization that serves the Jewish student community or that is recognized by our universities the way that Hillel is-none of this is possible without your support!

There are no membership dues to join Hillel; every student is a member of the Jewish community from the moment they set foot on our campuses. Whether they're interested in social justice, leadership development, free Israel travel, or social activities, we have something for everyone. Your support of the Oregon Hillel Foundation enables us to provide essential services and cutting edge programs that engage students and allows us to serve as an advocate for the Jewish student communities we serve.  Your support also helps to maintain our beautiful house in Eugene, where students hang out, study and attend free weekly Shabbat dinners, as well as reserving space in Corvallis to continue to develop opportunities to grow Jewish life at OSU. 

100% of Oregon Hillel’s annual budget relies on private contributions from alumni, parents, foundations, and friends such as you. I hope you will consider joining us this year by making a tax-deductible contribution to support the great work we are doing on the campuses we serve. Your investment is crucial to building and sustaining dynamic programs to achieve a vibrant and inclusive Jewish campus life.

Thank you for your consideration. Nothing we will achieve is possible without you!

Platinum Level - $2,500

• Choice of UO or OSU Hebrew T-Shirt or Kippah
• Sponsor 1 Shabbat Dinner (with family name recognition)
• Your child receives a finals week package at the end of each term and a Purim package

Gold Level - $1,000

• Sponsor 1 Shabbat Dinner (with family name recognition)
• Your child receives a finals week package at the end of each term and a Purim package

Silver Level - $500

• Your child receives a finals week package at the end of each term and a Purim package

Bronze Level - $180

• Your child receives a finals week package at the end of each term

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Oregon Hillel

1059 Hilyard Street
Eugene, OR 97401-3716
(541) 343-8920


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