Parents' Club

Thank you to the following parents for joining the 2019/2020 Parent's Club!  

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Leader Society
Peter & Leslie Beard
Eli & Shelley Borovinsky

Chai Society
Susanne Marx & Steve Dorinson
Lee & Becky Holzman
Mark & Deborah Moss
Gerald & Carrie Olesker

Joel & Jessica Birch

Friend Socity
Mark & Beverly Brutzkus
Diane & Barry Davis
Adina Merenlender & Kerry Heise
Martin & Sheila Seaton
Barry & Deborah Snyder

Community Builders

Leah & Ayal Amzel
Kim & Jason Anish
Alan & Hillary Barthold
Janine Gershon & Jordan Friedberg
Randi & Todd Goldman
Sheri & Dan Gordon
Nancy Berger-Grarnet & Scott Granet
Jeff & Heather Greenfield
Paul & Ruth Hirner
Ran Ilkovitch
Jerry & Karin Katzeff
Amy & Danny Kranitz
Alex & Jenifer Lechtman
Alan & Dena Mann
Eamon Molloy & Ellen Singer
Sarah and Jeffrey Moskovitz
David & Nancy Perren
Criag & Monica Pincus
Jessica Switzman
Beth Williams

Craig Cohen
Kerry & Jon Geffen
Mark & Michelle Light
June & Jerold Sharkey
Stefani & Mitch Silberman
Julie Smith
Harry & Kelly Weinberg
Cynthia Weissbein-Macken

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The Oregon Hillel Foundation now serves over 2,000 Jewish students at the University of Oregon and Oregon State University that together create a vibrant, diverse, warm, and welcoming Jewish student community.
We are proud to include students of all different religious and observant backgrounds in our community, every student, no matter their practice or faith is welcome in our doors. Whether they’re interested in social justice, leadership development, free Israel travel, social activities, or joining hundreds of other students throughout the High Holy Days, we have something for everyone.
Hillel strives to empower students to create the Jewish community that they wish to be a part of at the UO and OSU. Thanks to the support of alumni, parents, and friends, we are walking into the 19/20 academic year with:

  • Our first full-time staff member at Oregon State prepared to mentor students and create intentional spaces for Jewish learning and programming.
  • Our Rabbi at UO who will work as both a Hillel staff member, leading Jewish learning and tefillah/services on Shabbat and the High Holy Days, as well as teaching for-credit classes at the UO in the Jewish studies department.
  • A full-time staff at the UO dedicated to running successful Israel education and culture programming in addition to free Israel trips for students at both UO and OSU.
With so many changes to our staff, we are excited about building community at UO and OSU for all students create a community that they enjoy and are proud lead and be a part of.
“Hillel has warmly welcomed my son Max into the Oregon Jewish community - shabbat services, holiday celebrations, and the annual Ski Retreat are just some of the activities he participates and finds value in. As a parent, especially from out-of-state, I couldn't be happier that he has found his home away from home.”
– Tali Mackay, parent class of 2021

Your investment in Oregon Hillel is vital to continuing and growing this community this year and beyond – we truly would not be able do it without you!
Your support of Oregon Hillel’s Parents’ Club enables us to provide essential programs that engage students and allows us to serve as an advocate for the Jewish student communities we serve. We invite you to call on us anytime we can be of help to you or your student: or
100% of Oregon Hillel’s annual budget relies on private contributions from parents, alumni, foundations, and friends.
Thank you for your consideration! Please know one of this would be possible without you!

Leader Society - $2,500

Provide pluralistic High Holy Day experiences for over 300 students including FREE Teffilah (Services), FREE erev Rosh Hashanah Dinner (OSU), FREE Kol Nidre Dinner (UO), FREE Break Fast (both campuses), and new Machzorim.

Chai - $1,800

Sponsor an entire term of weekly events for 15-20 students such as Caffeine Kickoff, Torah on Tap, Hebrew Hour, or Current Events in Israel 

Partner - $720

Sponsor Shabbat Dinner for up to 70 students

Friend - $360

Sponsor 1 event for 15-20 students

Community Builder - $180

Sponsor 10 students for one Shabbat dinner or personal one-on-one meetings over lunch or coffee with a Hillel staff member


Every dollar invested in Oregon Hillel contributes to the amazing Jewish communities at the University of Oregon & Oregon State University!

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