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Traditional Foods for Hanukkah

Dec 09, 2018

Food is an important part of everyday life.  Whether it be though socializing with friends and family, or cooking your own meals, it continuously brings people together.  Hanukkah is no different. With foods like latkes and sufganiyot, how can people resist? Because of the Hanukkah story, where there was a miracle of oil lasting eight days instead of one, many of these traditional foods are fried.  If latkes and jelly donuts are intimidating to make, do not worry! There are some alternatives like buying Manischewitz latke mix or going to Krispy-Kreme for a jelly filled donut.

There are many different ways to top off a latke.  My personal favorites are applesauce or sour cream, while other options include lox or eating it on its own.  A traditional potato latke typically includes:

Shredded potatoes




Salt and pepper, to taste

Another traditional food is sufganiyot, a jelly filled donut.  Do you have a favorite type of jelly? Raspberry? Strawberry? Fill them yourself and you can make it personalized, just how you want it!. This year, Hillel hosted a sufganiyot bake!  Another way that Hanukkah has brought our community together. Making the batter, frying and filling the donuts, it was a night filled with laughs and a great way to bring the term to a close.

I would like to take a moment to acknowledge all the hard work Brittany Furiate, the Assistant Director of Oregon Hillel, has dedicated over the past two years.  As her time here will soon come to a close, we wish you all the best in Portland. There are many exciting things coming your way and we all look forward to seeing how you continue to grow and brighten the lives of the people you meet.  We’ll miss you, but are only a two-hour drive away!

We wish everyone a safe and enjoyable winter break!  Looking forward to seeing what is to come next year and hope to see many new and familiar faces.

Happy Holidays and Happy New Year

Written by Samantha Katzeff

Class of 2020


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