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Exciting Changes Happening at Oregon Hillel

May 25, 2018

The Oregon Hillel Foundation is excited to welcome the 2018-2019 student leadership board at the University of Oregon. We would also like to take this opportunity to announce our acceptance and upcoming participation in the Design Thinking Lab, a cohort facilitated by Tulane Hillel and Hillel International.

Student Board President: Erica Kopf, Class of 2019 
Fundraising Chair: Rachel Renshaw, Class of 2020
Religious and Cultural Chair: Seth Murawsky, Class of 2021
Social Media Chair: Jessica Kirshner, Class of 2020
Public Relations Chairs: Emma Spaeth & Samantha Katzeff, Class of 2020
Tzedek Social Justice Chair: Sarah Birch & Maddie Newman, Class of 2021
Freshman Outreach Chair: Allison Granet & Bill Braker, Class of 2021
Israel Chair: Rayna Zohar, Class of 2019
Shabbat Chair: Maurissa Rapp, Class of 2021
Green Chair: Zoe Light, Class of 2019

Our new student board members are excited to serve Hillel and further immerse themselves in the Jewish community here at the University of Oregon. These student leaders have a wide range of backgrounds and are here from all over the country, from Georgia and Texas to the PNW. 

This coming year Oregon Hillel is deliberately shaking things up and has expanded the student leadership board from five to thirteen students. This increase in student leadership better aligns with Hillel's vision of being a staff and student partnership. This shift in leadership responsibility creates a community for students, run by students.  Increasing the number of student leaders enables Hillel to hear more diverse student perspectives.

The Oregon Hillel Foundation is also proud to announce that we have been selected for the second cohort of Tulane University Hillel’s Design Thinking Lab. This is a two year program designed to help Oregon Hillel reevaluate how Judaism and Jewish life are viewed on college campuses across the state of Oregon.  The goals of this program are to help identify the interests, passions and identities of students and in turn provide a community experience where students plan and drive all of Hillel’s programs. Brittany Lenhart, the Oregon Hillel Assistant Director, will be overseeing the program. During Fall quarter 2018 Hillel will be building a Design Thinking Committee of Creative Strategists to help direct this two year process. If you are a student interested in becoming involved, contact Brittany.

Emma Spaeth
University of Oregon, Class of 2020


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