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A First Day Experience

Dec 27, 2017

As an Israeli Jew who has been to this country numerous times, Birthright has given me an alternative experience to Israel lifestyle. The first day had numerous of fun activities that were not only educational but also very enjoyable to participate in. Going through the Tel Dan nature preserve habitat was a historical trip down memory lane, of sorts, by learning about the 12 tribes of Israel and being taught where they migrated throughout the region, making sure they had proper water and food supply. After enjoying a delicious hummus meal, with great company, we then explored Mount Bental and got to truly see how close we are to the Syrian and Lebanon borders. A very cool experience was also seeing some UN soldiers looking over the border and hearing first hand stories of a Druz from Syria who lives in Israel and has family all over the world. Ending the day with an activity that brought us all together through the meaning of Israel to us, day 1 has been a tremendous success in my book.

Omer Kogot
Oregon State University, Class of 2020


As an American Jew who has had family live in Israel, Birthright has given me the chance to get a first-hand experience at the joys they saw in this country. My first day has been a surreal experience, since Israel has never been a huge part of my life and I got to experience it for myself and form my own opinions about it. The first day was so cool and gave me so much perspective not only from my Israeli friends but also from my American friends, who are also experiencing it for the first time with me. The crazy thing is that it has only been the first day, yet I feel very connected to everyone and cannot wait to continue this wonderful adventure with my new family. The thing that I am definitely most  looking forward to is continuing to grow with the family I have acquired and being able to see the differences between the American and Israeli cultures.

Sky Jackson
Oregon State University, Class 2020


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